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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject Re: disabling bloomfilter not working? memory numbers don't add up?
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:32:46 GMT
Hmmmm, my upgrade completed and then I added node back in and ran my repair.  What is weird
is that my nreldata column family still shows 156Meg of memory still(down from 2 gig though!!)
in use and a false positive ratio of .99576 when I have the filter completely disabled(ie.
Set to 1.0).  I see the *Filter.db files on disk(and size approximately matches the in-memory
size).  I tried restarting the node as well.

1. Can I stop the node, delete the *Filter.db files and restart the node(is this safe)???
2. Why do I have 5 gig being eaten up by cassandra?  "nodetool info" memory 5.2Gig, key cache:11
meg and row cache 0 bytes.   All bloomfilters are also small <1meg.

Exception to #2 is I have nreldata still using 156MB for some reason but still no where close
to 5.2 gig that nodetool shows in use.


Bloom Filter Space Used: 2318392048<tel:2318392048>
Just to be sane do a quick check of the -Filter.db files on disk for this CF.
If they are very small try a restart on the node.

Number of Keys (estimate): 1249133696
Hey a billion rows on a node, what an age we live in :)


Aaron Morton
Freelance Cassandra Developer
New Zealand


On 23/02/2013, at 4:35 AM, "Hiller, Dean" <<><<>>>

So in the cli, I ran

update column family nreldata with bloom_filter_fp_chance=1.0;

Then I ran

nodetool upgradesstables databus5 nreldata;

But my bloom filter size is still around 2gig(and I want to free up this heap)!!!! According
to nodetool cfstats command…

Column Family: nreldata
SSTable count: 10
Space used (live): 96841497731
Space used (total): 96841497731
Number of Keys (estimate): 1249133696
Memtable Columns Count: 7066
Memtable Data Size: 4286174
Memtable Switch Count: 924
Read Count: 19087150
Read Latency: 0.595 ms.
Write Count: 21281994
Write Latency: 0.013 ms.
Pending Tasks: 0
Bloom Filter False Postives: 974393
Bloom Filter False Ratio: 0.99998
Bloom Filter Space Used: 2318392048
Compacted row minimum size: 73
Compacted row maximum size: 446
Compacted row mean size: 143

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