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From Raman <>
Subject Re: Data Model - Additional Column Families or one CF?
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 12:19:09 GMT

Thank you very much sharing your insight and experience.

I am trying to migrate a normalized Schema -- 1 TB database.  The data 
is hierarchical...
child entities carry foreign keys to the parent entities. There are 
several instances like
ShapeTable, Circle, Square, Rectangle etc... (specialization hierarchies).

Often a child records are added to Parent.
Some fields are updated.
Rarely some child records are deleted.

What is the ideal schema for Cassandra?
Create one ColumnFamily with many SuperColumns each one for Shapes.

I am trying to utilize the partitioning feature to distribute the load 
around the world
according to the jurisdiction of the Parent record.

I am particularly interested in learning how to define the Shape CF but 
insert Rectangle,
Circle, with different columns?

Thank you for your help

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