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From Marco Matarazzo <>
Subject Re: nodetool repair with vnodes
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2013 22:12:16 GMT
>> So, to me, it's like the "nodetool repair" command is running always on the same single
node and repairing everything.
> If you use nodetool repair without the -pr flag in your setup (3 nodes and I assume RF
3) it will repair all token ranges in the cluster. 

That's correct, 3 nodes and RF 3. Sorry for not specifying it in the beginning.

So, running it periodically on just one node is enough for cluster maintenance ? Does this
depends on the fact that every vnode data is related with the previous and next vnode, and
this particular setup makes this enough as it cover every physical node?

Also: running it with -pr does output:

[2013-02-17 12:29:25,293] Nothing to repair for keyspace 'system'
[2013-02-17 12:29:25,301] Starting repair command #2, repairing 1 ranges for keyspace keyspace_test
[2013-02-17 12:29:28,028] Repair session 487d0650-78f5-11e2-a73a-2f5b109ee83c for range (-9177680845984855691,-9171525326632276709]
[2013-02-17 12:29:28,028] Repair command #2 finished

… that, as far as I can understand, works on the first vnode on the specified node, or so
it seems from the output range. Am I right? Is there a way to run it only for all vnodes on
a single physical node ?

Thank you!

Marco Matarazzo

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