Thank you Aaron , that link helps.

However, In my application ,  I am using jpa(Kundera)  to query cassandra.

Is there a way to achieve this in cql or jpa query language? 


On 9 January 2013 16:28, aaron morton <> wrote:
Try this

Take a look at the code examples it points to. 


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On 10/01/2013, at 11:55 AM, Snehal Nagmote <> wrote:

Hello All,

I am using Kundera 2.0.7 and Cassandra 1.0.8. I need to implement batching/ pagination over row keys.  

for instance, Scan columnfamily , get 100 records in batch everytime , till all keys are exhausted.

I am using random partitioner for keyspace. I explored  limit option in cql and ,setMaxresults() , but It doesnt give me ability to do range scan over row keys . 

One option I can think of is Storing those row keys in separate column family as columns and do range queries on column.

Is there any best practice to achieve this ?

Any help ?