But Cassandra 1.1.7 is not fully CQL3, yet. Is it?
By default 1.1 is CQL 2
1.1 is CQL 3 beta and it not compatible with CQL 3 in 1.2. 
I do not think there are plans to bring CQL in 1.1 up to the CQL 1.2 spec. Though I may be wrong there. 

If you are using a higher level client it will be using thrift, and if you are not setting the timestamp the client will be doing it for you. 

In either case it's always good to have the clocks as syncronised as possible. 


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On 11/01/2013, at 12:12 AM, Vitaly Sourikov <vitaly.sourikov@gmail.com> wrote:

But Cassandra 1.1.7 is not fully CQL3, yet. Is it? I did not have any timestamps explicitly, as columns, in that CF, but synchronizing clocks on Cassandra and its clients actually seems to solve the latency problem I had. So, I just want to make sure that it makes sense. 

And thanks for your responses, Aaron and Vegard.

Vitaly Sourikov

On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 1:01 AM, aaron morton <aaron@thelastpickle.com> wrote:
And by default in CQL 3 the timestamp is generated server side.