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From André Cruz <>
Subject Collecting of tombstones columns during read query fills up heap
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 11:37:29 GMT

I have a schema to represent a filesystem for my users. In this schema one of the CF stores
a directory listing this way:

CF DirList

         File1:NOVAL File2:NOVAL ...

So, one column represents a file in that directory and it has no value. The file metadata
is stored elsewhere. When listing the contents of a directory I fetch the row contents in
batches (using pycassa's column_count and column_start) and always limit the number of columns
that I want returned, so as not to occupy too much memory on the Cassandra server. However,
if a certain user has deleted a lot of files in that dir and so has a lot of tombstones, even
fetching with a column_count of 2 can pose problems to the Cassandra server. Basically the
heap fills up and if several queries happens simultaneously, the heap is exhausted and the
node stops. Dumping the SSTables shows that there were a lot of tombstones between those 2

Is there anything, other than schema changes or throttling on the application side, than I
can do to prevent problems like these? Basically I would like Cassandra to stop a query if
the resultset already has X items whether they are tombstones or not, and return an error.
Or maybe it can stop if the resultset already occupies more then Y bytes or the heap is almost
full. Some safety valve to prevent a DoS.

I should point out that I am using 1.1.5, but I have not seen anything in the changelog that
may reference this issue or more recent releases. Normally I run with a 8GB heap and have
no problems, but problematic queries can fill up the heap even if I bump it up to 24GB. The
machines have 32GB.

Of course, the problem goes away after gc_grace_seconds pass and I run a manual compact on
that CF, the tombstones are removed and queries to that row are efficient again.

André Cruz
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