I wrote a script to sym link the snapshots together the other day https://github.com/amorton/cass_snapshot_link

I've not really used it in anger yet. That is to say I wrote it for fun and it worked on my mac book. If you use it let me know if it works. 


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On 5/12/2012, at 6:51 AM, Alain RODRIGUEZ <arodrime@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Adeel,

I am not sure this is the best solution but we did it this way:

On one production server :
- $cassandra-cli -f show_schema > schema (show_schema file contains "use <myKeyspaceName>; show schema;")
- Then open the schema file and remove headers lines, your file must start by "create keyspace..." 

On one dev server
- Copy the schema file
- $cassandra-cli -f schema

Now you have your keyspace in your dev env.

if you have 1 node dev cluster and RF=total number of node in production, then simply snapshot whatever you want to restore (CF or all keyspace) then copy these files in the CF directories of your test cluster and refresh the new sstables.

if RF < total number of node in production then you need to take the sstable from various nodes and take care not overriding files with the same name while copying files.

I have some bash/parallel-ssh scripts to do this, but not on this computer.

I would be glad learning how other people do this.


2012/12/4 Yang <teddyyyy123@gmail.com>
my guess (from what I learnt on this forum): you probably have to manually create the schema on the new cluster. shutdown new cluster. overwrite the column family files with your backup on all nodes in the new cluster, then boot up.

On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 8:19 AM, Adeel Akbar <adeel.akbar@panasiangroup.com> wrote:
Hi Tomas,

You are right and now my question is how I restore on test cluster. Do I need to create column families and then copy snapshot on each directory?

Thanks & Regards

Adeel Akbar

On 12/4/2012 9:09 PM, Tomas Nunez wrote:

I think he was talking about the "fragmentation" of the snapshot. In cassandra 1.0.X all ColumnFamilies are in the same directory, but in cassandra 1.1.X each ColumnFamily is in its own directory, and snapshots of each ColumnFamily are inside this directory.

1.0.X Snapshot directory:

1.1.X Snapshot directory

In 1.0.X you can restore a Keyspace backup by copying just one directory. In 1.1.X it seems you need to copy one directory for each ColumnFamily, which is a little more complicated.

2012/12/1 Tyler Hobbs <tyler@datastax.com>
The nodetool snapshot command has keyspace and column family options (from nodetool --help):

snapshot [keyspaces...] -cf [columnfamilyName] -t [snapshotName] - Take a snapshot of the optionally specified column family of the specified keyspaces using optional name snapshotName

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 5:40 AM, Adeel Akbar <adeel.akbar@panasiangroup.com> wrote:
Dear All,

I have Cassandra 1.1.4 cluster with 2 nodes. I need to take backup and restore on staging for testing purpose. I have taken snapshot with below mentioned command but It created snapshot on every Keyspace's column family. Is there any other way to take backup and restore quick.

/opt/apache-cassandra-1.1.4/bin/nodetool -h localhost snapshot -t cassandra_bkup

Snapshot directory:


Thanks & Regards

Adeel Akbar

Tyler Hobbs

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