You can select a column slice (specify time range wich for sure has last data), but ask cassandra to return only one column. It is latest one. To have the best performance use reversed sorting order.


On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 6:40 AM, Ravikumar Govindarajan <> wrote:
How do we model a timeseries data in cassandra for last modified time? 

-- ExampleCF
       | -- SomeKey = Key
            | -- TimeUUID = Column-Name
            | -- PKID = Column-Value

-- ExampleReverseIndexCF
       | -- SomeKey = Key
            | -- PKID = Column-Name
            | -- TimeUUID = Column-Value

To correctly reflect "last-modified-time", I need to read existing timeuuid, delete it and add incoming timeuuid 

Are there alternatives to the above approach, because it looks a bit heavy-weight