Dean, thank you for your response.  To the second half of the query, I’m a little concerned about the secondary index approach since the indexes that I want to create are columns with high entropy.


For example, I would like to query by User name and IP address, values which are decidedly NOT like the pattern recommended in the Secondary Index field.   The 8-10 columns I need to search by are all high a similar scatter rate.  Since the documentation seems to suggest that this is a bad idea, what would the correct pattern look like?  


In an RDBMS I would just slap an alternate key index on the table and let it roll.   It seems like maybe that is not the right approach for Cassandra?


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Hard to help out on a design without specifics but here is some advice based on the limited information


Primary key : yes, must be cluster unique.  TimeUUID or UUID….PlayOrm has very unique TimeUUID like keys as in this one 7AL2S8Y.b1 (b1 is the hostname and the prefix is a "unique" timestamp but generated to a shorter string(ah, nice readable primary keys).


There are some patterns you can look into here that may help


If you can partition your data virtually, it may help a lot so you can query into the partitions.





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Subject: Primary/secondary index question / best practices?


m my reading, it seems like I need a UUID column that will be my primary index, and then I should set up secondary indexes on the 8-10 primary search columns.  Am I understanding this correctly?  Any advice you can offer on this would be tremendously helpful.  I’m quite limited in how specific I can be about the data, of course.