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From Tomas Nunez <>
Subject Monitoring the number of client connections
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 09:37:49 GMT

I want to know how many client connections has each one of my cluster nodes
(to check if my load balancing is spreading in a balanced way, to check if
increase in the cluster load can be related to an increase in the number of
connections, and things like that). I was thinking about going with
netstat, counting ESTABLISHED connections to port 9160, but then I thought
maybe there is some way in cassandra to get that information (maybe a
counter of connections in the JMX?). I've tried installing MX4J and going
over all MBeans, but I haven't found any with a promising name, they all
seem unrelated to this information. And I can't find anything skimming the
manual, so...

Can you think a better way than "netstat" to get this information? Better
yet, is there anything similar to "Show processlist" in mysql?


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