First of all thanks for the driver. It made my day yesterday :)
I downloaded the source code and built the driver. I have used the driver on a virtual two node cassandra (1.2.0-beta2) cluster. My test application is written in scala 2.1.0 rc2, spray 1.1 m5 and has the following dependencies for the driver

  "org.apache.cassandra"    %   "cassandra-thrift" % "1.2.0-beta2",
  "org.apache.cassandra"    %      "cassandra-clientutil" % "1.2.0-beta2",
  "org.apache.cassandra"    %      "apache-cassandra" % "1.2.0-beta2",
  "org.apache.cassandra"    %      "cassandra-all" % "1.2.0-beta2",
  "io.netty"                 %    "netty"            % "3.5.9.Final",
  "com.google.guava"        %    "guava"            % "12.0",
  "org.apache.thrift"        %    "libthrift"        % "0.7.0"

Can I reduce these dependencies?


 A Jabbar Azam