On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 2:11 PM, horschi <horschi@gmail.com> wrote:
I dont know what your approach was back then, but maybe it could be solved quite easily: When creating tombstones for ExpiringColumns, we could use the ExpiringColumn.timestamp to set the DeletedColumn.localDeletionTime . So instead of using the deletiontime of the ExpiringColumn, we use the creationtime.

That's true, we could just create an already gcable tombstone. It's a bit of an abuse of the localDeletionTime but why not. Honestly a good part of the reason we haven't done anything yet is because we never really had anything for which tombstones of expired columns where a big pain point. Again, feel free to open a ticket (but what we should do is retrieve the ttl from the localExpirationTime when creating the tombstone, not using the creation time (partly because that creation time is a user provided timestamp so we can't use it, and because we must still keep tombstones if the ttl < gcGrace)).