Hi all,

On an unrelated observation of the below readings, it looks like all the 3 nodes own 100% of the data. This confuses me a bit. We have a 12 node cluster with RF=3 but the effective ownership is shown as 8.33 % . 

So here is my question. How is the ownership calculated : Is Replica factor considered in the ownership calculation ? ( If yes , then 8.33 % ownership of a cluster seems wrong to me . If not 100% ownership for a node cluster seems wrong to me. Am I missing something in the calculation? 


On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 4:37 PM, Wei Zhu <wz1975@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi All,
I am doing a benchmark on a Cassandra. I have a three node cluster with RF=3. I generated 6M rows with sequence  number from 1 to 6m, so the rows should be evenly distributed among the three nodes disregarding the replicates.
I am doing a benchmark with read only requests, I generate read request for randomly generated keys from 1 to 6M. Oddly, nodetool cfstats, reports that one node has only half the requests as the other one and the third node sits in the middle. So the ratio is like 2:3:4. The node with the most read requests actually has the smallest latency and the one with the least read requests reports the largest latency. The difference is pretty big, the fastest is almost double the slowest.
All three nodes have the exactly the same hardware and the data size on each node are the same since the RF is three and all of them have the complete data. I am using Hector as client and the random read request are in millions. I can't think of a reasonable explanation.  Can someone please shed some lights?