We had an issue with counters over-counting even using the nodetool drain command before upgrading...

Here is my bash history

   69  cp /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml.bak
   70  cp /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh.bak
   71  sudo apt-get install cassandra
   72  nodetool disablethrift
   73  nodetool drain
   74  service cassandra stop
   75  cat /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh.bak
   76  vim /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh
   77  cat /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml.bak
   78  vim /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml
   79  service cassandra start

So I think I followed these steps http://www.datastax.com/docs/1.1/install/upgrading#upgrade-steps

I merged my conf files with an external tool so consider I merged my conf files on steps 76 and 78.

I saw that the "sudo apt-get install cassandra" stop the server and restart it automatically. So it updated without draining and restart before I had the time to reconfigure the conf files. Is this "normal" ? Is there a way to avoid it ?

So for the second node I decided to try to stop C*before the upgrade.

  125  cp /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml.bak
  126  cp /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh.bak
  127  nodetool disablegossip
  128  nodetool disablethrift
  129  nodetool drain
  130  service cassandra stop
  131  sudo apt-get install cassandra

//131 : This restarted cassandra

  132  nodetool disablethrift
  133  nodetool disablegossip
  134  nodetool drain
  135  service cassandra stop
  136  cat /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh.bak
  137  cim /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh
  138  vim /etc/cassandra/cassandra-env.sh
  139  cat /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml.bak
  140  vim /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml
  141  service cassandra start

After both of these updates I saw my current counters increase without any reason.

Did I do anything wrong ?