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From "Kevin Burton" <>
Subject RE: Connecting to cassandra.
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2012 03:46:48 GMT
Thank you in the output.log I see the line:


INFO 13:36:59,110 This node will not auto bootstrap because it is configured to be a seed


Apparently I changed too much in the cassandra.yaml file. What should the ‘seed’ entry
be? From the comments it is a comma separated list of IP addresses.  Should I just comment
this entry out? The comment is made that is never correct. 


# any class that implements the SeedProvider interface and has a

# constructor that takes a Map<String, String> of parameters will do.


    # Addresses of hosts that are deemed contact points. 

    # Cassandra nodes use this list of hosts to find each other and learn

    # the topology of the ring.  You must change this if you are running

    # multiple nodes!

    - class_name: org.apache.cassandra.locator.SimpleSeedProvider


          # seeds is actually a comma-delimited list of addresses.

          # Ex: "<ip1>,<ip2>,<ip3>"

          - seeds: ""


What should I put? Do you think this is the problem why it is not starting up?



From: Wz1975 [mailto:wz1975@YAHOO.COM] 
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2012 9:07 PM
Subject: RE: Connecting to cassandra.
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The first thing to check is the log files under /var/log/cassandra,  should give you some


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-------- Original message --------
Subject: Connecting to cassandra. 
From: Kevin Burton <> 

I have installed Cassandra on a Ubuntu Server but I fail to see it with either:


ps ax




netstat –an | grep 9160


I see a file /etc/init.d/cassandra so I am assuming that it should start up. What else do
I need to do? I have edited cassandra.yaml for all the places that specifically specify localhost
or and change it to the IP address of the machine/server where it is running. I
am assuming that I have hit all the right configuration points. Ideas?


Thank you.



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