Hi guys!

We are getting the following message in our logs

ERROR [CompactionExecutor:535] 2012-10-31 12:14:14,254 CounterContext.java (line 381) invalid counter shard detected; (ea9feac0-ec3b-11e1-0000-fea7847157bf, 1, 60) and (ea9feac0-ec3b-11e1-0000-fea7847157bf, 1, -60) differ only in count; will pick highest to self-heal; this indicates a bug or corruption generated a bad counter shard

Googling about it we found the issue CASSANDRA-4417 so we know this is an open bug. 

We have verified that the value of those counters is corrupted, we have two nodes and if you request data with CL ONE you get different values depending on what node used. But with CL ALL works ok.

There is a way to fix the corrupted counters?