AFAIK in the code the minimum exclusive value token is -1, so as a signed integer the maxmium value is 2**127


Aaron Morton
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On 4/10/2012, at 3:19 AM, Carlos Pérez Miguel <> wrote:


Reading the wiki of operations
( I noticed something
strange. When using RandomPartitioner, tokens are integers in the
range [0,2**127] (both limits included) but keys are converted into
this range using MD5. MD5 has 128 bits, so, tokens should not be in
the range [0, (2**128)-1]?

Anyway, if Cassandra uses only 127 bits of that 128 bits because it
tries to convert this 128 bit into a signed int, tokens should not be
in the range [0, 2**127) (first limit included, last not included)?

Thank you

Carlos Pérez Miguel