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From Vivek Mishra <>
Subject Missing non composite column
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 09:57:34 GMT
I am facing a strange issue with CQL and cassandra-cli. I have a created a
keyspace from cassandra-cli as :
 a) create keyspace bigdata;

Then connected via cql3sh and created a column family with compound primary
key column as:

CREATE TABLE altercations_utf8 (
       instigator text,
       started_at text,
       ships_destroyed text,
       energy_used text,
       alliance_involvement text,
       PRIMARY KEY (instigator,started_at,ships_destroyed));
Then inserted a record:
 INSERT INTO altercations_utf8 (instigator, started_at, ships_destroyed,
                             energy_used, alliance_involvement)
                     VALUES ('Jayne Cobb', '2012-07-24', '2', '4.6',

cql3 command prompt shows me:

cqlsh:bigdata> select * from altercations_utf8;
 instigator | started_at | ships_destroyed | alliance_involvement |
 Jayne Cobb | 2012-07-24 |               2 |                false |

But when i try to connect via cassandra-cli and try to list number of rows
by issuning command:

[default@unknown] use bigdata;
Authenticated to keyspace: bigdata
[default@bigdata] list altercations_utf8;
Using default limit of 100
Using default column limit of 100
RowKey: Jayne Cobb
=> (column=2012-07-24:2:alliance_involvement, value=false,
=> (column=2012-07-24:2:energy_used, value=4.6, timestamp=1350381005020001)

Not sure, why is it not getting non-composite column(e.g. ships_destroyed
in this case).

I tried this with cassandra 1.1.5 release. Will it be an issue, even if i
try to find this via Thrift API?


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