You'd need to make n queries, or do a superset query from min<->max. No support currently for loading non-contiquous sets of columns.

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Sent: Tue, September 4, 2012 12:56
Subject: anyone know how to lookup non-continguous columns BUT for prefixes?

I have a row that is an index like so

Index row -> <value1>.<pk99>, <value1>.<pk20>, <value2>.<pk32>, <value2>.<pk7> ,
<value3>.<pk24>, <value4>.<pk54>, <value5>.<pk31>

I would like to get all of the pks for
<value2>   which are pk32 and pk7
<value4>   which are pk54

This is a trimmed down example of course.  I am thinking maybe I might just use the
astyanax async to send out 500 requests instead.