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From Sergey Tryuber <>
Subject Nodetool repair and Leveled Compaction
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 12:08:19 GMT
Hi Guys

We've noticed a strange behavior on our 3-nodes staging Cassandra cluster
with RF=2 and LeveledCompactionStrategy. When we run "nodetool repair
<keyspace> <cfname> -pr" on a node, the other nodes start "validation"
process and when this process is finished one of the other 2 nodes reports
that there are apparently several hundreds of pending compaction tasks and
total disk space used by the column family (in JMX) is doubled((( Repair
process by itself is going well in a background, but the issue I'm
concerned is a lot of unnecessary compaction tasks and doubled disk space
on one of "good" nodes. Is such behavior designed or it is a bug?

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