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From Roland Gude <>
Subject secondery indexes TTL - strange issues
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 14:46:25 GMT

we have been running a system on Cassandra 0.7 heavily relying on secondary indexes for columns
with TTL.
This has been working like a charm, but we are trying hard to move forward with Cassandra
and are struggling at that point:

When we put our data into a new cluster (any 1.1.x version - currently 1.1.5) , rebuild indexes
and run our system, everything seems to work good - until in some point of time index queries
do not return any data at all anymore (note that the TTL has not yet expired for several months).
Rebuilding the index gives us back the data for a couple of minutes - then it vanishes again.

What seems strange is that compaction apparently is very aggressive:

INFO [CompactionExecutor:181] 2012-09-13 12:58:37,443 (line
221) Compacted to [/var/lib/cassandra/data/Eventstore/EventsByItem/Eventstore-E
ventsByItem.ebi_eventtypeIndex-he-10-Data.db,].  78,623,000 to 373,348 (~0% of o
riginal) bytes for 83 keys at 0.000280MB/s.  Time: 1,272,883ms.

Actually we have switched to LeveledCompaction. Could it be that leveled compaction does not
play nice with indexes?

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