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From Michael Theroux <>
Subject Secondary index loss on node restart
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2012 18:22:53 GMT

We have been noticing an issue where, about 50% of the time in which a node fails or is restarted,
secondary indexes appear to be partially lost or corrupted.  A drop and re-add of the index
appears to correct the issue.  There are no errors in the cassandra logs that I see.  Part
of the index seems to be simply missing.  Sometimes this corruption/loss doesn't happen immediately,
but sometime after the node is restarted.  In addition, the index never appears to have an
issue when the node comes down, it is only after the node comes back up and recovers in which
we experience an issue.

We developed some code that goes through all the rows in the table, by key, in which the index
is present.  It then attempts to look up the information via secondary index, in an attempt
to detect when the issue occurs.  Another odd observation is that the number of members present
in the index when we have the issue varies up and down (the index and the tables don't change
that often).

We are running a 6 node Cassandra cluster with a replication factor of 3, consistency level
for all queries is LOCAL_QUORUM.  We are running Cassandra 1.1.2.

Anyone have any insights?

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