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From Satoshi Yamada <>
Subject a node stays in joining
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2012 10:22:23 GMT
One node in my cluster stay in "joining". I found a jira about this, which is fixed,but still
sees the similar thing. This is a node I remove the token first becauseit did not boot correctly
and re-joined in the cluster without any pre-set token(shouldI set the previous token?).
As you see below, the node(yyyy)'s state is Joining and Effective-Ownership is 0.00 %for more
than 10 hours. But the Load keeps on increasing.
Also I noticed in the gossipinfo, the status of the node is BOOT while other node is NORMAL.
So, how can I get the status of the node to NORMAL?
$ nodetool -h `hostname` ringAddress            DC       Rack            Status      Load
       State      Load      Effe...xxxx       datacenter1     rack1           Up         
   Normal   122.41 MB        4.27 %.........yyyy      datacenter1     rack1           Up 
          Joining        371.33 MB    0.00 %

$ nodetool -h `hostname` gossipinfo........yyyy/   RELEASE=VERSION:1.1.4   LOAD:3.89343423E8
  STATUS:BOOT, 123123123....1312.   SCHEMA:a442323-......
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