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From feedly team <>
Subject get_slice on wide rows
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 16:49:13 GMT
I have a column family that I am using for consistency purposes. Basically
a marker column is written to a row in this family before some actions take
place and is deleted only after all the actions complete. The idea is that
if something goes horribly wrong this table can be read to see what needs
to be fixed.

In my dev environment things worked as planned, but in a larger scale/high
traffic environment, the slice query times out and then cassandra quickly
runs out of memory. The main difference here is that there is a very large
number of writes (and deleted columns) in the row my code is attempting to
read. Is the problem that cassandra is attempting to load all the deleted
columns into memory? I did an sstableToJson dump and saw that the "d"
deletion marker seemed to be present for the columns, though i didn't write
any code to check all values. Is the solution here partitioning the wide
row into multiple narrower rows?

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