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From Michael Morris <>
Subject Re: nodetool repair uses insane amount of disk space
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 01:35:51 GMT
Thanks everyone, for the pointers.  I've found an opportunity to simplify
the setup, still 2 DCs and 3 rack setup (RF = 1 for DC with 1 rack, and RF
= 2 for DC with 2 racks), but now each rack contains 9 nodes with even
token distribution.

Once I got the new topology in place, I ran multiple repairs (serially) on
a single node to see if I could get the merkel trees to sync up with the
other nodes in that range.  I knew the 1st time, and even expected the 2nd
run, would be a bit out of sync.  What surprised me was that on the 3rd
repair run, there were still over 600 ranges out of sync for 1 CF, and over
1000 ranges out of sync for another CF.  To me, this isn't a big deal
(unless someone more knowledgeable about these things thinks it is), but
the repair process isn't using nearly as much space while it's doing its

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