I have a three node cluster running 1.0.2, today there's a very strange problem that suddenly two of cassandra  node(let's say B and C) was costing a lot of cpu, turned out for some reason the "java" binary just dont run.... I am using OpenJDK1.6.0_18, so I switched to "sun jdk", which works okay.

after that node A stop working... same problem, I install "sun jdk", then it's okay. but minutes later, B stop working again, about 5-10 minutes later after the cassandra started, it stop responding connections, I can't access 9160 and nodetool dont return either.

I have turned on DEBUG and dont see much useful information, the last rows on node B are as belows:
DEBUG [pool-2-thread-72] 2012-07-01 07:45:42,830 RowDigestResolver.java (line 65) resolving 2 responses
DEBUG [pool-2-thread-72] 2012-07-01 07:45:42,830 RowDigestResolver.java (line 106) digests verified
DEBUG [pool-2-thread-72] 2012-07-01 07:45:42,830 RowDigestResolver.java (line 110) resolve: 0 ms.
DEBUG [pool-2-thread-72] 2012-07-01 07:45:42,831 StorageProxy.java (line 694) Read: 5 ms.
DEBUG [Thread-8] 2012-07-01 07:45:42,831 IncomingTcpConnection.java (line 116) Version is now 3
DEBUG [Thread-8] 2012-07-01 07:45:42,831 IncomingTcpConnection.java (line 116) Version is now 3

this problem is really driving me crazy since I just dont know what happened, and how to debug it, I tried to kill node A and restart it, then node B halt, after I restart B, then node C goes down......

one thing may related is that the log time on node B is not the same with the system time(A and C are okay).

while date on node B shows:
Sun Jul  1 23:10:57 CST 2012 (system time)

but you may noticed that the time is "2012-07-01 07:45:XX" in those above log message.  the system time is right, just not sure why cassandra's log file shows the wrong time, I didn't recall cassandra have timezone settings.....