My guess is your RF is 1. When the new node joins the cluster, only part (depends on the token) of the data goes to this new node.

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Dear all


I am using Cassandra to retrieve a number of rows and columns stored in it.

Initially I had a 1 node cluster and I flooded it with data. I ran a Hector code to retrieve data from it I got the following output:

Total number of rows in the database are 396

Total number of columns in the database are 16316426

Now I added one more node to it by doing the following steps:

1.       I added both the nodes ip addresses in the seeds property in Cassandra.yaml file.

2.       I also changed the rpc_address to in both the nodes config file.

3.       I changed the listen_address to their respective ip addresses.

4.       I specified the initial token in the new node config file

5.       I did not specify auto_bootstrap option anywhere because there is no such option available in Cassandra 1.1.0

6.       Then I restarted the first node and the new node

Now after adding the second node when I run the same Hector code, I am getting the following result:

Total number of rows in the database are 183

Total number of columns in the database are 7903753

I am using the consistency level 1 and I did not specify any replication factor while creating the keyspace. I used the following link for the reference:

Please tell me what step am I doing wrong to not get the entire data on a 2 node cluster ?

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