My current way of inserting rows one by one is too slow (I use cql3 prepared statements) , so I want to try batch_mutate.


Could anybody give me more details about the interface? In the javadoc it says:


public void batch_mutate(java.util.Map<java.nio.ByteBuffer,java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.util.List<Mutation>>> mutation_map,

                         ConsistencyLevel consistency_level)

                  throws InvalidRequestException,




Description copied from interface: Cassandra.Iface

Mutate many columns or super columns for many row keys. See also: Mutation. mutation_map maps key to column family to a list of Mutation objects to take place at that scope. *



I need to understand the meaning of the elements of mutation_map parameter.

My guess is, the key in the outer map is columnfamily name, is this correct?

The key in the inner map is, probably, a key to the columnfamily (it is somewhat confusing that it is String while the outer key is ByteBuffer, I wonder what is the rational). If this is correct, how should I do it if my key is a composite one. Does anybody have an example?





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