the node that doesn't want to start just spit out -

EC2 is experiencing some issues and has not allocated all of the resources in under 10 minutes.
Aborting the clustering of this reservation. Please try again.

Please visit for this AMI's feature set.

On 7/2/2012 8:43 AM, Deno Vichas wrote:

my 4 node cluster seems pretty screwed up after the AWS outage.  we found all our machines with their cpu stuck at 100%.  so i went to restart each cassandra node one by one.  i did node with token id 0 first.  i came back but doesn't look like it doing anything.  once i thought it was up i went and restarted the next.  this one got stuck on the AMI init startup.  i cancelled it, rebooted againg and now it't suck with "[INFO] 07/02/12-15:42:29 Received 0 of 1 responses from: "

suggestions on how to fix this?