yep, good idea, I have created an issue.

2012/6/19 Yuhan Zhang <>
Hi Jeremy,

Glad to see the update. It would be nice if secondary index in cassandra-unit supports DoubleType.


On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 1:32 PM, Jérémy SEVELLEC <> wrote:
Hi all,

cassandra-unit is now release. cassandra-unit helps you writing isolated Junit Test using cassandra (starting an embedded cassandra instance, load data from a dataset, ...) in a Test Driven Development style or not :-).

The artifact is published on the public maven repo.

Main new features are  :
- updating to hector 1.1-0 and cassandra-all 1.1.1
- allow to set more options on column family

You can see all the detailed content of this release here :

cassandra-unit documentation :

This can perhaps help...



Yuhan Zhang
Application Developer
OneScreen Inc.

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