Hi All,

I am using datastax enterprise editions 2.1 latest feature solr. I have a keyspace name ABC and columnfamily namely XYZ.
I want to search using solr on the field A_NO which is UTF8Type in nature. For that i have created a schema.xml in my solr node. It looks like this:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <schema name="ABC" version="1.1">
          <fieldType name="text" class="solr.TextField"/>
            <field name="A_NO"  type="text" indexed="true"  stored="true"/>

After creating the schema i have made a shell script which looks like this

        curl $SOLRCONFIG_URL --data-binary @$SOLRCONFIG -H 'Content-type:text/xml; charset=utf-8'
        echo "Posted $SOLRCONFIG to $SOLRCONFIG_URL"
        curl $SCHEMA_URL --data-binary @$SCHEMA -H 'Content-type:text/xml; charset=utf-8'
        echo "Posted $SCHEMA to $SCHEMA_URL"

Now when i execute the script it throws the warning message
WARNING: "java.lang.RuntimeException: javax.xml.parsers.ParserConfigurationException: Not Solr-based type of index is found: ABC_XYZ_A_NO_index"
        Posted schema.xml to

for which proper indexing is not done.

can any one help me.... Please guys i need your help

Thanks in Advance
Abhijit Chanda
VeHere Interactive Pvt. Ltd.