Problem statement:

We are keeping daily generated data(user generated content)  in Cassandra, but our application is using only 15 days old data. So how can we archive data older than 15 days so that we can reduce load on Cassandra ring.


Note : we can’t apply TTL, as this data may be needed in future.



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I'm not sure on your needs, but the simplest thing to consider is snapshotting and copying off node. 





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On 1/06/2012, at 12:23 AM, Shubham Srivastava wrote:

I need to archive my Cassandra data into another  permanent storage .


Two intent


1.To shed the unused data from the Live data.


2.To use the archived data for getting some analytics out or a potential source of DataWarehouse.


Any recommendations for the same in terms of strategies or tools to use.



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