Are their any errors in the logs about failed streaming ? 

If you are getting time outs 1.0.8 added a streaming socket timeout


Aaron Morton
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On 4/06/2012, at 3:12 PM, koji wrote:

aaron morton <aaron <at>> writes:

Did you restart ? All good?

Aaron Morton
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On 27/04/2012, at 9:49 AM, Bryce Godfrey wrote:

This is the second node Iíve joined to my cluster in the last few days, and
so far both have become stuck at 100% on a large file according to netstats. 
This is on 1.0.9, is there anything I can do to make it move on besides
restarting Cassandra?  I donít see any errors or warns in logs for
either server, and there is plenty of disk space.

On the sender side I see this:

Streaming to: /

sections=1 progress=82393861085/82393861085 - 100%

On the node joining I donít see this file in netstats, and all pending
streams are sitting at 0%


we have the same problem (1.0.7) , our netstats log is like this:

Streaming to: /
  sections=1234 progress=3256666/3256666 - 100%
  sections=4386 progress=0/1025272214 - 0%
  sections=2956 progress=0/17826723 - 0%
  sections=3792 progress=0/56066299 - 0%
  sections=4384 progress=0/90941161 - 0%
  sections=3958 progress=0/54729557 - 0%
  sections=766 progress=0/2605165 - 0%
Streaming to: /
  sections=3228 progress=29175698/29175698 - 100%
  sections=2102 progress=0/618938 - 0%
  sections=3044 progress=0/1996687 - 0%
  sections=2773 progress=0/1374636 - 0%
  sections=3150 progress=0/22111512 - 0%
Nothing streaming from /
Nothing streaming from /
Pool Name                    Active   Pending      Completed
Commands                        n/a         1       23825242
Responses                       n/a        25       19644808

After restart, the pending streams are cleared, but next time we do
"nodetool repair -pr" again, the pending still happened. And this always
happend on same node(we have total 12 nodes).