I’ll try to get some log files for this with DEBUG enabled.  Tough on production though.


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Apply the local hint mutation follows the same code path and regular mutations. 


When the commit log is being truncated you should see flush activity, logged from the ColumnFamilyStore with "Enqueuing flush of " messages. 


If you set DEBUG logging for the  org.apache.cassandra.db.ColumnFamilyStore it will log if it things the CF is clean and no flush takes place. 


If you set DEBUG logging on org.apache.cassandra.db.commitlog.CommitLog we will see if the commit log file could not be deleted because a dirty CF was not flushed. 







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On 2/06/2012, at 4:43 AM, Rob Coli wrote:

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 7:01 PM, aaron morton <aaron@thelastpickle.com> wrote:

But that talks about segments not being cleared at startup. Does not explain

why they were allowed to get past the limit in the first place.

Perhaps the commit log size tracking for this limit does not, for some
reason, track hints? This seems like the obvious answer given the
state which appears to trigger it? This doesn't explain why the files
aren't getting deleted after the hints are delivered, of course...


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