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From Samuel CARRIERE <>
Subject RE Dead node still being pinged
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 13:17:47 GMT
Hi Nicolas,

What does nodetool ring says ? (Ask every node)
Have you checked that the list of seeds in every yaml is correct ?
What version of cassandra are you using ?


Nicolas Lalevée <> 
08/06/2012 14:10
Veuillez répondre à


Dead node still being pinged

I had a configuration where I had 4 nodes, data-1,4. We then bought 3 
bigger machines, data-5,7. And we moved all data from data-1,4 to 
To move all the data without interruption of service, I added one new node 
at a time. And then I removed one by one the old machines via a "remove 

Everything was working fine. Until there was an expected load on our 
cluster, the machine started to swap and become unresponsive. We fixed the 
unexpected load and the three new machines were restarted. After that the 
new cassandra machines were stating that some old token were not assigned, 
namely from data-2 and data-4. To fix this I issued again some "remove 
token" commands.

Everything seems to be back to normal, but on the network I still see some 
packet from the new cluster to the old machines. On the port 7000.
How I can tell cassandra to completely forget about the old machines ?


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