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From Luke Hospadaruk <>
Subject Re: Nodes not picking up data on repair, disk loaded unevenly
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 19:26:37 GMT
Another little question:

I just added some EBS volumes to the nodes that are particularly choked and I am now running
major compactions on those nodes (and all is well so far).  Once everything gets back down
to a normal size, can I move all the data back off the ebs volumes?
something along the lines of:

nodetool –h localhost drain
<stop cassandra>
<remove ebs volumes from cassandra conf>
cp -r /recovery/* /mnt/data
<unmount/detatch/delete ebs volume>
<start cassandra>

Then add some more nodes to the cluster to keep this from happening in the future.

I assume all the files stored in any of the data directories are all uniquely named and cassandra
won't really care where they are as long as everything it wants is in it's data directories.

I was also thinking to copy my column families (using thrift or the like) to fresh column
families to undo any strangeness done by my major compactions, then get rid of the old CFs
once everything is hunkey-dory.


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