I have 24 keyspaces, each with a columns family and am considering changing it to 1 keyspace with 24 CFs. Would this be beneficial?
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Not ideally, now cass has global memtable tuning. Each cf correspond to memory  in ram. Year wise cf means it will be in read only state for next year, memtable  will still consume ram.

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It's more the number of CF's than keyspaces.

Oh - does increasing the number of Column Families affect performance ?

The design we are working on at the moment is considering using a Column Family per year. We were thinking this would isolate compactions to a more manageable size as we don't update previous years.



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Yes, it does. However there's no real answer what's the limit: it depends on your hardware and cluster configuration. 

You might even want to search the archives of this mailinglist, I remember this has been asked before.


2012/5/21 Luís Ferreira <zamith.28@gmail.com>

Does the number of keyspaces affect the overall cassandra performance?

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