Caching has quite change a lot in 1.1. See


You need to set appropriate value in cassandra conf : key_cache_size_in_mb, key_cache_save_period and row_cache_size_in_mb.


You will probably need to change the caching properties on CF with ALL or ROWS_ONLY if you want to enable rows caching. Something like this:

create column family Application with caching='ALL’;

By default, only keys are cached.


- Pierre


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and one more thing


For migration 0.7.10 ->1.1

I had to remove rows_cached, keys_cached, and key_cache_save_period from CF declarations?

What would it change for my application


create column family Application with column_type = 'Standard' and comparator = 'UTF8Type' and rows_cached = 100.0 and keys_cached = 1000.0 and key_cache_save_period = 3600;


2012/5/6 cyril auburtin <>



Other question


(I'm moving from cassandra 0.7.10 to 1.1)


the class org.apache.cassandra.thrift.Column.Column 's constructor arguments is now just name instead of (name, value, timestamp)


So it should be called like this?


new Column(myColumnName).setValue(myVal).setTimestamp(System.currentTimeMillis());


Larger.. , but no choice




2012/5/6 Pierre Chalamet <>



I bet you are using cql commands in cassandra-cli.


If you are using cli, use instead:

create keyspace Excelsior with placement_strategy=’SimpleStrategy’ and strategy_options = [{replication_factor:1}]



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Subject: creating keyspace with 1.1




I have just installed cassandra 1.1


 CREATE KEYSPACE Excelsior WITH strategy_class = 'SimpleStrategy' AND strategy_options:replication_factor = 1;


gives this error:


Syntax error at position 85: mismatched input ':' expecting '='


I've looked in changes but didn't found