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From Romain HARDOUIN <>
Subject Re: RE Ordering counters in Cassandra
Date Tue, 22 May 2012 07:48:51 GMT
I mean iterate over each column -- more precisly: *bunches of columns* 
using slices -- and write new columns in the inversed index.
Tamar's data model is made for real time analysis. It's maybe overdesigned 
for a daily ranking.
I agree with Samal, you should split your data across the space of tokens. 
Only CF Ranking feeding would be affected, not the "top N" queries.

Filippo Diotalevi <> a écrit sur 21/05/2012 19:05:28 :

> Hi Romain, 
> thanks for your suggestion.
> When you say " build every day a ranking in a dedicated CF by 
> iterating over events:" do you mean
> - load all the columns for the specified row key
> - iterate over each column, and write a new column in the inversed index
> ?
> That's my current approach, but since I have many of these wide rows
> (1 per day), the process is extremely slow as it involves moving an 
> entire row from Cassandra to client, inverting every column, and 
> sending the data back to create the inversed index.

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