The first is keyspace name, second is sstable name (like transaction-hc-1024-Data.db


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From: Radim Kolar <>
Sent: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 3:14
Subject: Re: size tiered compaction - improvement

Dne 3.4.2012 23:04, napsal(a):
> if you know for sure that you will free lot of space compacting some
> old table, then you can call UserdefinedCompaction for this table(you
> can do this from cron). There is also a ticket in jira with discussion
> on per-sstable expierd column and tombstones counters.
you are talking about CompactionManager,forceUserDefinedCompaction
mbean? it takes 2 argumenents, no description on them. i never got this
work. NoSuchElementException returned