By the way, I am using Cassandra 1.0.7, CL = ONE (R/W), RF = 2, 2 EC2 c1.medium nodes cluster


2012/4/10 Alain RODRIGUEZ <>
Hi, I'm experimenting a strange and very annoying phenomena.

I had a problem with the commit log size which grew too much and full one of the hard disks in all my nodes almost at the same time (2 nodes only, RF=2, so the 2 nodes are behaving exactly in the same way)

My data are mounted in an other partition that was not full. However after recovering from this issue (freeing some space and fixing the value of  "commitlog_total_space_in_mb" in cassandra.yaml) I realized that all statistics were all destroyed. I have bad values on every single counter since I start using them (september) !

Does anyone experimented something similar or have any clue on this ?

Do you need more information ?