We are certainly interested. To get things moving we implemented an add-on for Cassandra to demonstrate the viability (using AOP):

Right now the implementation executes triggers asynchronously, allowing you to implement a java interface and plugin your own java class that will get called for every insert.

Per the discussion on 1311, we intend to extend our proof of concept to be able to invoke scripts as well.  (minimally we'll enable javascript, but we'll probably allow for ruby and groovy as well)


On Apr 22, 2012, at 12:23 PM, Praveen Baratam wrote:

I found that Triggers are coming in Cassandra 1.2 ( but no mention of any StoreProc like pattern.

I know this has been discussed so many times but never met with any initiative. Even Groovy was staged out of the trunk.

Cassandra is great for logging and as such will be infinitely more useful if some logic can be pushed into the Cassandra cluster nearer to the location of Data to generate a materialized view useful for applications.

Server Side Scripts/Routines in Distributed Databases could soon prove to be the differentiating factor.

Let me reiterate things with a use case.

In our application we store time series data in wide rows with TTL set on each point to prevent data from growing beyond acceptable limits. Still the data size can be a limiting factor to move all of it from the cluster node to the querying node and then to the application via thrift for processing and presentation.

Ideally we should process the data on the residing node and pass only the materialized view of the data upstream. This should be trivial if Cassandra implements some sort of server side scripting and CQL semantics to call it.

Is anybody else interested in a similar feature? Is it being worked on? Are there any alternative strategies to this problem?


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