Thanks guys for the all hard working. Special thanks to Vivek and Amresh. Finally we are integrating Kundera to our production codes and they will go live very soon.

Best Regards


On Saturday, April 21, 2012 8:08:18 AM UTC+10, Kundera Team wrote:
Hi All,

We are happy to announce release of Kundera 2.0.6.

Kundera is a JPA 2.0 based, object-datastore papping library for NoSQL datastores. The idea behind Kundera is to make working with NoSQL Databases
drop-dead simple and fun. It currently supports Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB and relational databases.

Major Changes in this release:
* HBase 0.90.x migration.
* Enhanced Persistence Context.
* Named and Native queries support (including CQL support for cassandra)
* UPDATE and DELETE queries support.
* DDL auto-schema creation.
* Performance improvements.

To download, use or contribute to Kundera, visit:
Latest released tag version is 2.0.6. Kundera maven libraries are now available at:

Sample codes and examples for using Kundera can be found here:

Thank you all for your contributions!

Kundera Team.

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