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From aaron morton <>
Subject Re: nodetool repair cassandra 0.8.4 HELP!!!
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2012 04:09:34 GMT
When you start a node does it log that it's opening SSTables ?

After starting what does nodetool cfstats say for the node ?

Can you connect with cassandra-cli and do a get ?


Aaron Morton
Freelance Developer

On 29/04/2012, at 10:45 PM, Raj N wrote:

> I tried it on 1 column family. I believe there is a bug in 0.8* where repair ignores
the cf. I tried this multiple times on different nodes. Every time the disk util was going
uo to 80% on a 500 GB disk. I would eventually kill the repair. I only have 60GB worth data.
I see this JIRA -
> But that says it was fixed in 0.8 beta. Is this still broken in 0.8.4?
> I also don't understand why the data was inconsistent in the first place. I read and
write at LOCAL_QUORUM. 
> Thanks
> -Raj
> On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 2:06 AM, Watanabe Maki <> wrote:
> You should run repair. If the disk space is the problem, try to cleanup and major compact
before repair.
> You can limit the streaming data by running repair for each column family separately.
> maki
> On 2012/04/28, at 23:47, Raj N <> wrote:
> > I have a 6 node cassandra cluster DC1=3, DC2=3 with 60 GB data on each node. I was
bulk loading data over the weekend. But we forgot to turn off the weekly nodetool repair job.
As a result, repair was interfering when we were bulk loading data. I canceled repair by restarting
the nodes. But unfortunately after the restart it looks like I dont have any data on those
nodes when I use list on cassandra-cli. I ran repair on one of the effected nodes, but repair
seems to be taking forever. Disk space has almost tripled. I stopped the repair again in fear
of running out of disk space. After restart, the disk space is at 50% where as the good nodes
are at 25%. How should I proceed from here.  When I run list on cassandra-cli I do see data
on the effected node. But how can I be sure I have all the data. Should I run repair again.
Should I cleanup the disk by clearing snapshots. Or should I just drop column families and
bulk load the data again?
> >
> > Thanks
> > -Raj

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