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From "Dave Brosius" <>
Subject Re: Column Family per User
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 20:06:08 GMT
 Your design should be around how you want to query. If you are only querying by user, then
having a user as part of the row key makes sense. To manage row size, you should think of
a row as being a bucket of time. Cassandra supports a large (but not without bounds) row size.
To manage row size you might say that this row is for user fred for the month of april, or
if that's too much perhaps the row is for user fred for the day 4/18/12. To do this you can
use composite keys to hold both pieces of information in the key. (user, bucketpos)The nice
thing is that once the time period has come and gone, that row is complete, and you can perform
background jobs against that row and store summary information for that time period.  -----
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