I have a row key which is now up to 125,000 columns (and anticipated to grow), I know this is a far-cry from the 2-billion columns a single row key can store in Cassandra but my concern is the amount of reads that this specific row key may get compared to other row keys. This particular row key houses column data associated with one of the more popular areas of the site. The reads are only fetching slices of 20 to 100 columns max at a time from the row but if the key is planted on one node in the cluster I am concerned about that node getting the brunt of traffic.

I thought about breaking the column data into multiple different row keys to help distribute throughout the cluster but its so darn handy having all the columns in one key!!

key_cache is enabled but row cache is disabled on the column family.

Should I be concerned going forward? Any particular advice on large wide rows?