Hi everyone,

If you have 3 data centers (DC1,DC2 and DC3) with 3 nodes each and you have a keyspace where the strategy options are such that each DC gets 2 replicas. If you only write to the nodes in DC1 what is the path the replicas take? Assuming you've correctly interleaved the tokens of all the nodes [(DC1: x,y,z), (DC2:x+1,y+1,z+1), (DC3:x+2,y+2,z+2)]?

More exactly, if you write a record in a node in DC1 will it send one replica of it to DC2 and then another replica to DC3? Or will the node in DC2 replicate the record to DC3 in a chain effect?

I understand that each DC handles it's own internal replication (after a node receives one replica).

I need to understand this because the connection between DC1 and DC2/DC3 is limited and ideally I would only want to send a replica to DC2 and have DC2 send a replicat to DC3. Is this possible?