Hi Matt,

This is definitely not at all an authoritative opinion... I am still figuring things out with Cassandra... Others may want to correct me...
Charles Maxwood(sp?) started a 'Sandra' project on github to make access to Cassandra, more or less, similar to Active Record... it is very early stage work, but you may want to check with him and see what is happening... I forked it thinking that I can push hard and get it working, but elas... haven't gotten to it yet...


I think 'Sandra' uses the fauna 'cassandra' gem, but I may be wrong..

Good luck, and keep us informed... I may be able to help early in January 2012..

Hani Elabed

On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 1:59 AM, Matthew Stump <mrevilgnome@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm working on transferring an existing Ruby on Rails project from Postgres to Cassandra and I have a couple questions about the Ruby client libraries and client libraries in general.

1.) Is it the opinion of the community and the Datastax engineers that client libraries should migrate away from thrift and should use CQL instead?

2.) Is anyone working on a CQL Ruby client?

3.) Other than the fauna/twitter client what are other people using for Ruby?

4.) If someone were to take it upon themselves to write yet another Ruby cassandra client is there any particular library that is generally accepted as good and could act as an archetype for other implementations (Hector)?