I'm not sure this is the best answer, but all of our webapps (RoR included) access Cassandra via REST.

That is one of the major reasons we built Virgil.  

It allows us to build the webapps, for the most part, independent of the actual storage mechanism. 
(Couch, Mongo, Cassandra, etc.)

Accessing REST services with Ruby is so clean (using rest-client gem) that you can get to most data elements in just a couple lines.  It also enabled simple browser-side/javascript fetches of data (so we didn't have to take a round-trips through MVC for simple data retrieval).  REST is the new JDBC. ;)


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I have a couple of questions about working with Ruby on Rails and Cassandra.


What is the recommended way of Cassandra integration into a Rails app ?



some other gems?


Is there any reference implementation?

some projects on github that are using the gems?




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