Hi Tim,
†There is actully...the old HW will be decommissioned before the one arrives. In the meantime I need to store my data in another place :) I've got your suggestion of how I would've done it if I didn't have this problem.


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Is there a reason you donít just join new hardware to the cluster and then remove the old hardware from the cluster?† That would seem like the easiest way to accomplish a hardware upgrade.

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Hello everyone.
†3 node Cassandra 0.8.5 cluster. I've left the system running in production environment for long term testing. I've accumulated about 350GB of data with RF=2. The machines I used for the tests are older and need to be replaced. Because of this I need to export the data to a permanent location. How should I export the data? In order to reduce the storage spac I want to export only the non-replicated data? I mean, just one copy of the data (without the replicas). Is this possible? How?


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